In addition to these hot melt polyurethane

Two of the most significant hotmelt-zp Hot Melt Adhesive hazards when working with organic solvents are their flammability and their toxic fumes. Organic solvents in your home should be safely stored away from any source that could ignite. Always open windows and use fans when you are painting, cleaning your oven, or even removing nail polish. Do not forget to take advantage of bathroom fans and the fan in your stove’s hood. Wear gloves, masks, and other types of protective gear when possible.

Working with industrial organic solvents, especially large quantities like drums, involves greater safety hazards; however, the same general precautions should still apply. For example, all industrial solvents should be safely grounded to prevent any sparks from igniting the liquid. If the solvents must be used in areas where there is high electrical usage, these areas should be well-secured. Furthermore, many industrial applications involve performing “hot work,” such as welding or cutting, in areas where there is high solvent use. To ensure the safety of employees and the worksite, obtain the proper permits, have all solvents completely removed, and properly ventilate the area.

Proper ventilation is a major step towards safely working industrial organic solvents, since their fumes, although occasionally odorless, are exceptionally toxic. Commercial and industrial fans are great for removing fumes at the source by pulling air away from the workspace. If employees must be in contact with industrial organic solvents regularly, businesses should consider installing overhead hoods or fume extractors and provide employees with personal protection equipment to keep the solvents safely away from their clothes and skin.

In addition to these hot melt polyurethane, many companies have decided to use safer alternatives to industrial solvents when possible. For example, many providers offer a variety of low VOC (volatile organic compound) products, such as hand-wipes and degreasers, as well as non-flammable aerosol cleaners, biodegradable cleaning solutions, and environmentally-preferred solvents. These products are great choices for not only protecting your most valuable resource-your employees-but also the environment as a whole.


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